Lake Dorothy

Our annual hiking trip found us in the Inyo National Forest again.  This year we are hiking behind Convict Lake and backpacking to Lake Dorothy.  We headed out Wednesday night following along the very familiar 395 highway.  We got to Bishop early enough to check in to the Bishop 395 Inn and make a quick stop at Schat’s Bakkery.  After a great nights sleep we … Continue reading Lake Dorothy

How to See the BEST of Death Valley in 2 Days

Friday Night 2022 is the year of road trips for us.  We started the year with a weekend Road Trip to Death Valley. We both work over 40 hours a week so most over our trips are only 2 days but we cram as much as we can in those two day. This blog will show you how we did Death Valley in 2 days. … Continue reading How to See the BEST of Death Valley in 2 Days

10 Places to See on Highway 395 in 2 Days

Friday Night 1. Hogback Creek Our summer road trip focused on the 395 highway along the Eastern Sierra’s mountain range in the Inyo & Mono County. We found camp late Friday night at a primitive camp spot along Hogback Creek.   Nothing around us but the bright stars and the dark sky in the sierra’s.  We love to get as close as possible to our … Continue reading 10 Places to See on Highway 395 in 2 Days

California x9b Deer Hunt – 2021 Season

September 18th 2021 Don got drawn this year for one of California’s special draws for deer. This was one of the hunts I had been drawn for last year. Last year we almost didn’t make the hunt. All of California’s National forests had closed due to the fires that were burning in the San Bernardino, Los Angeles and the Sierra National Forest. Because of these … Continue reading California x9b Deer Hunt – 2021 Season

Garnet Lake – 3 Day Backpacking Trip – July 22-24, 2021

This video showcases our three day backpacking trip to the back country in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. We spent 3 days and 2 nights in the most beautiful country. Our first day we hiked to Garnet Lake from Agnew Meadows via the Shadow Lake trail. It was about 8 miles with about 3000 elevation gain. It was hard and I was totally out of shape. … Continue reading Garnet Lake – 3 Day Backpacking Trip – July 22-24, 2021

Floating away in the Eastern Sierra Nevada 2017

The days are starting to heat up and we have that itch to get into the backcountry of the Western Sierra Nevada’s. Even though the snow has not melted at the lakes we want to get hiking to, it has melted enough to get to the lower levels. So far we have gotten to explore Convict Lake, the June Lake Loop, Tioga Lake, Twin Lakes, and Walker River. All the Lakes are full and the streams that were once slow moving are now raging rivers, the rivers are overflowing their banks and are flooding the valleys. Roads are getting washed out and trickling waterfalls have now taken over mountain sides. It is a sight like no other. The record snow fall is now the record snow melt.

The drive for us is about 5 hours to get Bishop. Some people can’t believe we would drive 5 hours for a weekend trip, but 5 hours isn’t that long when you can lose yourself for 2 days surrounded by the beauty of this area.

Since the back country has been under a little more snow than we like we have decided to hold off on our hiking trips until later into the season. Our last two trips have been exploring different parts of the area that are accessible via paved and dirt roads. We camped on the backside of Grant Lake in the June Lake loop and fished the lakes in the surrounding area. Please enjoy the pictures from our last two trips.
Continue reading Floating away in the Eastern Sierra Nevada 2017

Mt Whitney Summit in 2 Days ~ July 20, 2013

Five people, two days, twenty two miles and over 6000 feet of climbing, Mt Whitney Conquered! Thursday morning two families set out to Lone Pine to put use all the months training by climbing Mt Baldy.  We headed out from Riverside around 8 am and made it to the Visitor Center right outside Lone Pine by 11:30.  The visitor center was well maintained and the … Continue reading Mt Whitney Summit in 2 Days ~ July 20, 2013