Floating away in the Eastern Sierra Nevada 2017

The days are starting to heat up and we have that itch to get into the backcountry of the Western Sierra Nevada’s. Even though the snow has not melted at the lakes we want to get hiking to, it has melted enough to get to the lower levels. So far we have gotten to explore Convict Lake, the June Lake Loop, Tioga Lake, Twin Lakes, and Walker River. All the Lakes are full and the streams that were once slow moving are now raging rivers, the rivers are overflowing their banks and are flooding the valleys. Roads are getting washed out and trickling waterfalls have now taken over mountain sides. It is a sight like no other. The record snow fall is now the record snow melt.

The drive for us is about 5 hours to get Bishop. Some people can’t believe we would drive 5 hours for a weekend trip, but 5 hours isn’t that long when you can lose yourself for 2 days surrounded by the beauty of this area.

Since the back country has been under a little more snow than we like we have decided to hold off on our hiking trips until later into the season. Our last two trips have been exploring different parts of the area that are accessible via paved and dirt roads. We camped on the backside of Grant Lake in the June Lake loop and fished the lakes in the surrounding area. Please enjoy the pictures from our last two trips.

Fishing with Coyotes and Hiking Cougar Crest Trail ~ Big Bear

We spent Memorial Weekend up at Big Bear lake. We fished early in the morning one day and late at night the other day while listening to the coyotes howling through the night. We also hiked 1/2 of Cougar Crest Trail. To read more about it, click the link 🙂
Happy Hiking

Mt. Baden-Powell via Vincent Gulch ~ May 29th & May 30th 2016

  My trip started off with a knock on my brothers door on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm.  I was unannounced and uncertain if he was even home.  He answered the door rubbing his eyes as though he was just waking up.  I was having none of that on Memorial Weekend.  He had no plans for…

Tahquitz Peak via South Ridge Trail- San Jacinto Mountains ~ May 15, 2016

The view from Tahquitz Peak in the San Jacinto Mountains was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The day started off cloudy while driving up the 74 to the small mountain town of Idyllwild, but as we got closer to the ranger station the clouds started to disappear and the sun began to shine through. The ranger station was just off the highway but wasn’t open…

Mt Whitney Summit in 2 Days ~ July 20, 2013

Five people, two days, twenty two miles and over 6000 feet of climbing, Mt Whitney Conquered! Thursday morning two families set out to Lone Pine to put use all the months training by climbing Mt Baldy.  We headed out from Riverside around 8 am and made it to the Visitor Center right outside Lone Pine…

Training for Whitney in the Angeles National Forest ~ 2013

My family is one of those families that like to conquer things.  My dad has been the leading force behind our family conquests. From cycling centuries, hunting deer, racing a Trophy Truck in the Baja 1000, deep sea fishing in Alaska, flying an airplane to jumping out of one my dad has done more in his 58 years…