My First Trip to Idaho

I got a chance to visit Idaho just outside of Boise this month and was amazed by the beauty of our country.  We hiked, fished, hunted and explored for 4 days and still weren’t able to do or see everything we wanted too.  The time we spent in the backcountry took my breath away.  Just this year I have been introduced to hunting and I am slowly (very slowly) learning the basics.  On this trip I really felt the excitement of hunting.  It’s really not about finding something to kill.  It’s about listening and learning about everything around you and just blending into nature so it can be just as it is when you are not around.  When you are quiet you can hear the trees talk to you, the birds sing to each other, and the calls of the different animals.  If you stopped to listen the forest is silent for a bit but if you are patience and continue to listen it comes alive.  You can hear the wind change directions while you sit still, you can hear each rain drop hit the leaves around you.  The longer you are still animals start to appear around and you get to watch them gracefully move across the steep mountain sides like they are walking on air.   If you just sit there you get to experience a whole new world.  The time we had was short but life changing. I can’t wait to get back to enjoy more time with family, friends and this beautiful land.  Please enjoy the pics.

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