New Mexico Antalope Hunt 2022

Honeymoon in New Mexico

This adventure finds us in New Mexico for our Honeymoon a year after we were married. It was a guided New Mexico pronghorn hunt with our good friend Ryan Olsen of Whitebone Creations.  

We traveled all day driving through California, Arizona and into New Mexico.  Once into New Mexico we stopped in the Lincoln National Forest to capture some of the locals. Then we went a few miles up the road at Trestle Vista Observation Site to capture some of New Mexico’s history.

We traveled the rest of the day and into the night to our hotel in Northern New Mexico.

Our hunt took place on a beautiful private ranch.  We started off early that morning driving the property until we found a herd and I was up first.  I was able to get on one and within an hour I had my first ever pronghorn.  

After we cleaned, quartered and packed mine up we were out again looking for Don’s.  And in five minutes we found his.  He was on him fast and dropped him quickly.  

Once we cleaned, quartered and packed Don’s we saved some of his backstrap for an amazing lunch.

The rest of the afternoon we looked for one more for Ryan.  As the sun was setting we spotted a lone speed goat.  Ryan got on him quick and our hunt was over.  3 goats in one day.  It was amazing.

The next day we took advantage of the morning and hunted some prairie dogs off the ranch.  Then we started heading home taking our time checking out some of New Mexico’s sites.  We got to drive through Roswell keeping our eyes on the sky hoping aliens didn’t take us away.  We saw the worlds largest Pistachio.  We shopped at Tangle – Y Wood-N-Art checking out all the unique taxidermy and ate at K-Bob’s Steakhouse, which was very yummy. Our last stop in New Mexico was the White Sands National Park.  This place was nothing like we had ever seen before.  As you drive in everything turns to white as if you are driving on snow but it’s sand.  We parked at one of the many stopping areas and climbed the closest hill.  Once you get to the top of the hill all you can see is miles and miles of white sand.  We captured a few pictures and then made our way out of New Mexico

But our adventure didn’t end there.  The truck started to make a funny noise on the rear tire.  We pulled over and found that 4 of the bolts had broken off and the tire was almost about to fall off.  We found a 24 hour mechanic in Willcox Arizona.  We spent most of the night there trying to get the back tire and hub drivable to make it the rest of the way home.  While waiting the night sky opened up and gave us a show.  

Our New Mexico Honeymoon was quick but it was packed full of adventure. Our last stop was a little urban exploring at Desert Center,  finding our name spray painted on the wall completing our Honeymoon with desert art just for us.

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